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As a seller, invest into something greater

Real estate investing has always been a vehicle for wealth accumulation; however in our current economy with the uncertainty of the stock market, real estate seems to have received a bit more attention and consideration from the average investor. More and more people everyday are considering investment in real estate for their retirement and the financial stability of their families. The real estate market in Panama City/Panama City Beach remains strong year after year and we continue to believe that it will continue on the same trend.

Real estate investing can take several different forms, in terms of property choices. Often, investors want income producing properties, which can be residential, commercial, or resort type properties. Some investors invest in raw, undeveloped land and either hold for resale at a later date, or develop the property to its highest and best use and either sell off the newly developed property or use it as income producing property.
Developed property has better tax advantages than undeveloped property, one very important consideration when deciding on real estate as an investment. Some of the benefits to ownership of developed or improved real estate as an investment are:

  • Equity growth (property value)
  • Tax deferred
  • Occupancy
  • Income (In the form or rent)
  • 1031 Tax Exchanges (Read more)
  • Consumer Price Index (Ability to keep up with inflation = rent increase)
  • Depreciation and other tax write-offs
  • Stepped up basis when transferred in the event of owner death

We encourage you to investigate investing into real estate from a couple of different perspectives, personally and financially. Personal interest in real estate is of great value when you decide to become a real estate investor, you will be able to make wise informed decisions and, therefore, wise investment choices. If you are new to real estate investing and if your personal interest and knowledge are not at a comfortable level for making decisions, our sales professionals are skilled and trained to examine your needs and provide information that will help you with your decision to invest in real estate.

When investing in real estate, we always encourage you to speak with a tax accountant or tax specialist and allow a tax professional to explain all the benefits to ownership of real estate as an investment.
Financially, you must be able to afford to make an investment in real estate in the form of time and actual money. Real estate can be somewhat more "hands on" in terms of time spent with the property. Our company does offer property management services for both long term rentals and also short term/vacation rentals for those who prefer "hands off".
Our sales associates can also assist you in the long term lease of your commercial properties as well.
In the area of real estate investing, like so many other investment disciplines, knowledge is power!
Do you have an IRA? Are you concerned about the volatility of the stock market? Have you heard about a self directed IRA? Did you know that if you have an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) you can use it to purchase real estate? If you would like further information about this please visit your point of contact is Alan Potts.
Are you considering selling an investment property? Would you like to save thousands in Capital Gains Taxes? If you are considering buying another piece of real estate with the money you get from selling a piece of real estate, this is the program for you. It is called a 1031 Tax exchange and it can save you literally thousands of dollars in taxes, depending on the amount of capital gains tax liability. If you would like further information about this fantastic program, please call Starker Services, Inc. at (404) 872-1031 and ask for John Mangham or visit or call one our agents and ask them about a 1031 tax exchange today.
Below are links to sites tremendously useful in gaining knowledge about the area's real estate market: